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4th Grade Essential Outcomes
The fourth grade essential outcomes were created as a result of discussions between teachers of third, fourth, and fifth grades. They're based on Minnesota Standards, MCA data, District Assessments, and student needs.

Fourth Grade Essential Outcomes Created Spring of 2011.

Focus Area: Comprehension

The student will…
• make connections (text to text, text to self, text to world).
• summarize fiction and nonfiction text.
• identify main idea and determine relevant details in fiction and nonfiction text.
• distinguish fact from opinion.
• determine cause and effect.
• draw conclusions.
• read and comprehend poetry and figurative language.
• determine literary elements (characters, setting, events).
• compare and contrast author’s point of view across texts and distinguish between first and third person.
• use information from graphic sources and explain how it enhances text.

Fourth Grade Essential Outcomes


The student will…
• examine and describe patterns in tables (Ex. What’s my rule? or missing number in equation) (III,A,1)
• make change using as few coins and bills as possible up to $20 (V,C,3)
• find the area and perimeter of a rectangle by measuring using a grid or formula (V,C,1)
• name obtuse, acute and right angles and measure correctly within two degrees
• know multiplication and division facts 0-10
• measure to the nearest ¼ inch and ½ cm
• implement partial products method for multi-digit multiplication
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