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I've used this web page a couple of times to find new ways to explain concepts to students. It seems to align well with the Everyday Math curriculum.

Right now we're studying decimals. For the unit assessment students will need to know how read and write decimals, add and subtract decimals, and put them in order from least to greatest.

Students need to be careful when lining up decimals that they "Stack the decimals" on top of each other. Have them show you the hand motion we use for this. :)

Another thing students have trouble with is regrouping when subtracting a large number from a smaller number.

I also really like this web page to print extra practice pages for students who struggle with certain skills. They're quick and simple and have answers attached!

IXL is also a page with fun games based on our standards. IXL won't track a scoring record, but it's still fun to play!
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