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1st Grade Projects

 1st Grade Projects

In this gallery you will be able to view examples of first grade artwork.

First Graders created their own houses using horizontal, vertical, diagonal, wavy, curved, and zig zag lines. Houses were then painted using a watercolor resist technique.

For spring time, first grade students began by designing a butterfly with pencil on white paper. Then each student painted his or her butterfly while learning about color mixing. After the paint was dry each butterfly was outlined with a dark marker. Students who did not finish painting their butterfly finished with crayons instead. Next the butterfly was cut out and pasted onto brightly colored construction paper. Finally students were able to use three different textured materials to add to their butterflies in a variety of ways: plastic jewels, feathers and raffia. Students came up with many very creative uses for each material such as jeweled eyes or hair made out of feathers.

Students created stick people in a pose with bendable arms and legs. Next, clothing and details were added. They then colored their stick people and backgrounds with the primary and secondary colors.

Students first drew a turtle with permanent marker. We talked about making mistakes in our artwork and how to deal with them without erasing. Then each student designed shape and line patterns inside their turtles' shells. Then, we talked about the differences between warm and cool colors and did a sorting activity to bring the point home. Finally, students colored thier turtles, using warm colors for their shape patterns and cool colors for their line patterns.


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