Sunset Terrace

Elementary School

2nd Grade Projects


In this gallery you will be able to view examples of second grade artwork.

Second grade students first learned about six different types of line: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved, wavy, and zigzag. Then, with a marker, each student designed his or her own robot with the only requirement being that all six types of line had to be used. We also discussed how to add things like bolts, buttons and gears to make our robots look more mechanical. Each student then colored his or her robot with a variety of materials to suit his or her liking. Materials available included crayons, oil pastels, and/or markers. Finally, each student was asked to answer three questions about their robot and share their answers with a partner during a discussion activity. The three question were: "what is your robot's name?" "What is your robot made out of or does it have any special abilities?" and finally "Where isyour robot located?"

In second grade we have recently finished drawing shoes with patterned socks. Students drew shoes and socks by following a step by step guide. They then added patterns to their socks as well as background details. Using crayons, the students then colored their pictures, using varying shades of color in their patterns. We discussed how to create dark and light shades with each color by pressing hard or soft and that varying degrees of lightness and darkness are refersed to as values. Below are examples of this lesson from my students at both Elton Hills and Sunset Terrace.

Students learned about Marc Chagall, an Russian artist famous for his dream-like paintings of his childhood memories. The class viewed images of Marc Chagall paintings and we discussed how Marc Chagall used things from his real life in his paintings but painted them in an imaginative way. Students then used oil pastels to create their own Marc Chagall inspired pictures featuring themselves and their homes.


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