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4th Grade Projects
In this gallery you will be able to view examples of fourth grade artwork.

In fourth grade, one of our art focuses is to express ideas or feelings visually. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, in the first quarter fourth grade students learned about how lines can express emotions. In the third quarter, we have just completed a project showing how shapes can express emotions in a similar way. Students were asked to create an expressive shape out of paper. Then, we discussed the definition of the term "mixed media," each student then decorated their shape using at least six different mediums. The decorations were required to enhance the expressive quality of the shape. By creating an expressive artwork in an abstract way, students are able to build their creative thinking skills. It is easy, for example, to show happiness by drawing a happy face. It is a more challenging task to show happiness only through shape, color, and other art elements.

4th grades tudents created cakes by first learning to draw a 3D cylinder with a trinagular piece cut out. Then, each student decorated his or her cake with icing made up of analogous colors, or colors next to each other on teh color wheel. Students were also able to add their own, non-analogous decorations. Each student then shaded and tinted their cakes using black and white oil pastels. Finally, students designed and affixed a metal plate to the bottom of their cakes.

In fourth grade we have recently finished expressive still lives. To accomplish this students first drew a regular still life with pencil. They then traced over their pencil lines expressive lines with oil pastels. Finally, they painted over their drawings with water colors, choosing colors that reflected the mood or emotion they wished to convey.
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